Nicole Ossevoort

A lifelong resident of Upstate NY, Nicole has had the privilege of serving the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse as the Communications & Social Media Specialist since 2014. Nicole entered the tech world in 2008 as a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Specialist – at a time when social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were still in their infancy and email marketing was a relatively new tactic. In her current role with the Diocese of Syracuse, Nicole maintains and monitors several social media accounts and the diocesan website and supports the office of communications through content creation, digital marketing, and analytics reporting. She has conducted group and one-on-one social media and communications training for parishes. Her latest accomplishment is working with Bishop Robert Cunningham on the successful launch of his Twitter account (@bishoprjc)!

Nicole studied English Literature at SUNY Oswego and her writing is featured on Moz.org, the National Catholic Education Association blog, CNY Woman Magazine, and The Catholic Sun. She is the inaugural winner of the Fr. John Catoir Social Media Evangelization Award and serves on the Catholic Press Association Award Committee. 

Master Camp |

Getting Past Likes and Follows: Strategies to make real connections with parishioners & your community online

June 13th, 2018

8:30 a.m. to noon

Room: Grand A

Learn how to cut through the noise and clutter of the digital space and deliver your message with impact. Communications and social media specialist for the Diocese of Syracuse Nicole Ossevoort will outline tools and tactics for effective digital communications, from rethinking basics like websites and bulletins to tapping into the power of email and video to laser-focusing your efforts with SEO and analytics.

Bring your preferred device for this hands-on workshop.