Tim Williams

Tim Williams is a native of Savannah Georgia. After developing a passion for photographer and photojournalism he began working at Savannah’s CBS affiliate, WTOC-TV out of high school. First as a News Production Assistant, than a Videojournalist, and for the last 7 of his 10 years with them as a Commercial and Marketing Videographer. During his time with WTOC he was responsible for newscast production, shooting and editing news stories, producing local and regional TV commercials, long-form videos and documentary pieces, and multi-cam live TV shows in the field such as parades and specials. In January of 2016 he began working for the Diocese of Savannah’s Communications Department where he oversaw the installation and operation of a multi-cam video system in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, as well as producing video projects around the 90 county Diocese in south Georgia. When not traveling and working around the Diocese, Tim enjoys still photography, as well as camping and hiking.

Master Camp  | 
General Interest

Viral Video: How to
create or outsource
production to make
videos that connect

with allen kinzly

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

8:30 a.m. to noon

Room: Grand D

This session will help you learn how to produce eye catching and engaging videos.  From a small, cost efficient production, to full time, professional videographers, this session will not only give you tips and techniques on how to begin video production for your organization, but if you are already producing videos, how to take them to the next level and produce eye catching, evangelizing, and award winning (if that’s your thing) videos.  With a vast knowledge of TV news, production houses and independent videography, Tim and Allen will give you the tips and techniques needed to make your Catholic-centered videos look and feel like all the secular videos filling up your social media feeds.